Advanced Ceramics & Carbon


Specialty Products

Advanced Ceramics & Carbon stocks both resin and antimony impregnated blanks for the industry to handle their own machining, usually for seal faces. ACC offers 3.5 inch length in both materials for added value to our customers.

Rotors and VanesRotors and Vanes
Advanced Ceramics and Carbon provides specially formulated materials to accommodate the difficult and unique environments where these parts are used to pump air. To maintain high pump efficiency, tight tolerance machining is required.

Hot Glass HandlingHot Glass Handling
Advanced Ceramics & Carbon offers carbon graphite materials used in the production of making (forming) hot glass. These unique materials must be able to withstand very high temperatures, offer good wear and not deposit any markings on the glass. These parts are machined into a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Steam JointSteam Joints
Advanced Ceramics & Carbon makes steam joints, machined per customer specification, usually from antimony impregnated carbon graphite. This material offers higher temperature limits, good lubrication and strength needed for this application.

Turbine and Compressor RingsTurbine and Compressor Rings
Advanced Ceramics & Carbon offers high temperature materials for segmented seal rings used in steam turbines and compressors. These parts range from large diameter replacement rings, to small size, higher volume usage.

Industrial Brushes/Electrical ComponentsIndustrial Brushes/Electrical Components
Advanced Ceramics & Carbon can provide carbon graphite with copper for all your electrical component applications.